This year they are holding a conference together Asia Pacific Studies and Sustainable Development (APSSD) cooperating with Asosiasi Dosen Indonesia (ADI) which is independent organization. Asia Pacific Studies and Sustainable Development (APSSD) is a research organization, particularly focusing on education, economics and information technology and communications. This year organizes Second International Conference, will focus in areas of Information Systems, Informatics and Information Communication Technology and how it applies to the real world. It is an opportunity for researchers in this field to meet and discuss solutions, scientific results, and methods in solving intriguing problems in this field. The conference programme paper presentations, along with prominent keynote speakers. All submitted papers will be reviewed by experts in the field based on the criteria of originality, significance, quality and clarity. APSSD and ADI are currently inviting papers for the conference. This unique conference will be held in Jakarta the capital of Indonesia, 26-28 September 2018.

Past Conference